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It is the beginning of advance of sun rise timings signifying the advance in the movement from the darkness to the light. In this era of change, the State agriculture is also going through the positive changes in the light of farmer friendly policies being framed and launched by the Government. It is the transformation phase of agriculture for the farmers’ welfare focusing on entrepreneurship development and employment generation in agriculture sector. Our farmers have been now on the road of revolution and making the glamour in agriculture by adopting the latest technologies, high value agriculture, value addition, branding, packaging and marketing. However to make this advancement sustainable, it is very important that they need to focus on certain aspects such as environment pollution, soil health, quality of ground water, declining water table and above all the crop residue management. The problem of straw burning is emerging like a demon that is badly affecting the health of not only humans but every life on the beautiful planet "Mother Earth" and depleting the environment as well. Hence, it is the call from every corner to adopt crop residue management through conservation agriculture practices which beside improving the crop productivity will also enrich the soil by maintaining soil organic matter levels. These practices help in reducing the cost of cultivation by reduction in tillage operations and hence saving fuels and labour. Farmers be motivated for proper crop residue management techniques. The equipment such as Zero Tillage Seed Drill, Happy Seeder, Straw Baler, Rotavator, Paddy Straw Mulcher, Gyro Rake, Straw Reaper, Shredder, etc. are being made available to the interested farmers and also through Custom Hiring centers. Further the entrepreneurs and farmers have to be made aware about the other uses of straw such as bio-fuel production, livestock bedding, fodder, thatching, basket-making, biogas generation and at brick kilns, which ultimately is likely to help in increasing farmer’s income. The State government has taken initiative in this matter and has decided to provide incentives to the farmers who do not burn their crop residues. The farmers of the state are coming forward to support the government policies and hence positive decline has been noticed in straw burning cases in this season. Some of the village Panchayats set an example for other farmers of the State for not burning of paddy straw in the field. The next dimension of research have to be towards developing the efficient technologies for soil and water management and enhancing nutrient use efficiency for more numerative farming under diversification in agriculture particularly through cost-effective technologies for micro-management of natural resources and INM in agriculture at block level have to be worked out to take advantage of vast volume of NCR population looking for Haryana fresh commodities on accounts of its feasibility and potential based on sound infrastructure and proximity to capital and other metropolitan cities.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar Yadava

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3rd Agri Leadership Summit - 2018 held on 24-26 March, 2018 at Mela Ground, Rohtak,Haryana.

Meeting of Working Group on "Promotion of Peri-urban Agriculture in Haryana held on 26 March, 2018 at 3:30 P.M. in Faculty House, MDU, Rohtak

Meeting of Working Group on "Promotion of Mushroom Cultivation in Haryana" held on 10 March 2018 at 10:30 A.M. in the office of HAIC Research & Development Centre,Murthal Sonipat,Haryana.

Seventeenth meeting(Emergent) of HKA held on 21 Feb,2018 in the office of Principal Secretary to Govt. of Haryana, Agriculture & Farmers' welfare,Secretariat,Chandigarh

Meeting of Working Group on Mushroom Cultivation in Haryana held on 29 January, 2018 at 11:00A.M. in the office of Chairman, HKA.

Ayog Meeting held on 10 January, 2018 at HKA office, Panchkula.

Meeting with poultry farmers held on January 8, 2018 at Kisan Bhawan, Panchkula


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